Tmodloader Modding Guide

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tmodloader Modding Guide

these statements will break Terraria). This means your Mod doesn't contain any class extending from Mod. It is helpful, however, to keep the.cs filename and the class the same. Make sure you have 1 and only 1 of these classes in your mod. This usually happens when your code has namespaces or classes that conflict with vanilla Terraria classes or namespaces. Keeping code tidy and organized Though this is a more advanced topic (part of design patterns, which might tmodloader Modding Guide be covered in expert tutorials later it is useful to make sure you abstract your code properly. Try to find repeating parts of code and give it a dedicated method. Slowly learning There is many resources available so you can become a better modder. Start up tModLoader and click on the Mod Sources menu item. Imagine your friend said "Hand me the Flobulizer but you have no idea what that is and have never heard that word before. Next, we will take the folder contained within file we just downloaded and place it in the Mod Sources folder. Make sure to move the folder. Then simply click unblock and then press. But 50 damage isn't enough.

Basic tModLoader: Tmodloader Modding Guide

When using tModLoader hooks, you need to be aware that methods return values and super Metroid Cheat Codes Action Replay not returning a value is an error. We now have a ready-made mod ready to be built. If you feel confident enough, try making your own projectile and having your sword interact with. Hopefully it is easy to understand. The former is called pascal case and the latter is called snake case Remember to use short and descriptive names; if you are making a sword it is likely you should use 'Sword' in the name. For simple mods this file will be very sparse, but in this class various global things can happen such as modifying music. Remember not to mess up the syntax that you learned in the Basic Prerequisites lesson. Find the line with item.
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  • Modding Guide you should notice that one of the. In this tutorial, i will cover how to get the basic template for a tModLoader mod, and getting to know various things about the API as well. This guide shows the basics of tmodloader, including modding basics. This guide is made for a windows computer.
  • Since I ve seen many people interested in mods / modding, I m going to post a little tutorial. If this gets enough attention, I ll continue to get more complicated and. Mod making made easy. TModloader generalizes modding and makes it easier for the modder to create awesome mods.
  • To start, we will make a very simple mod to get you familiar with how mods are created for tModLoader. Debugging is extremely useful but a takes a bit of learning, don't delete. This includes the Terraria. You should see the new damage and the new tooltip. Proj - A project file for Visual Studio set up for debugging your Mod.
  • (if you come from Java, this is the same as extends ModItem)This means everything we made for ModItem becomes available to you in your class, such as the. Next, open up DocumentsMy GamesTerrariaModLoaderMod Sources or equivalent. More on this in the code abstraction guide. Every one of these functions is virtual, this means the function has a basic implementation but can be overridden by the modder if desired. Example Mod is a mod made by the tModLoader developers to show off various modding capabilities.

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More Accessories Terraria Mod You can make single line comments like this / this is a comment, or you can make entire comment blocks like this: * This is a comment block * And spans multiple lines! Weapons becomes Mod SourcesExampleModItemsWeapons. Feel free to explore other guides or help for the next steps. The texture the modder assumed would be used: Mod.
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tmodloader Modding Guide


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Learn how to create your first mod. This page contains the codes that can be used to increase a player character via the Command Console. Block City Wars Hack G? Use this as war Of The Chosen Cheat Tables an example as you learn to make additional ModItem classes. Those files need to be unblocked to properly function. And lastly, a variety of helpful tools and guides is available on the homepage of this wiki.

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