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discord Moderator Role

Keep in mind that this role comes 2nd to the Administrator role, and although you can add, edit, and assign new roles to users, you still can't edit your role and roles above yours. (Does not affect mods and managers) ignorerole role delrole, delete a role delrole role name delmod, remove a bot moderator delmod user or role modules List available modules modules ignorechannel Toggles command usage for a channel. Purge text number command Enable/disable a command command command name Command Description Usage clean Cleanup the bot responses. Music Player, dyno is also a Discord music bot with playlists, DJ roles, playlists, and more. Nickname new nickname role Add/remove a user to a role or roles. If youre creating a Mod role, youll likely want to enable Kick Members and Ban Members at the very least. Nowplaying stop Stop the current song. Unlock channel (message) unban Unban a member unban user or id optional reason warnings Get warnings for the server or user warnings user case Show a single mod log case case Case ID Command Description Usage skip Skip the current song. Delrank rank name roles. Pokemon pokemon how To Earn Money In Diablo 3 adorable Get an adorable avatar based on your identifier.

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Rolename role name, new name customs List, enable, disable custom commands. Get a list of server roles and member counts. Randomcolor whois Get user information. A list of channels on the server will appear. Adorable identifier slots Spin the slots and win the jackpot!.or lose dew And Doritos Code Generator everything. Google Get search results from google google search string avatar Get a users' avatar.
  • (Limit 100) purge mentions number purge embeds Delete messages containing rich embeds in the channel. Selecting a role does two things in the permissions menu:. Afk set status afk ignore Use in a channel to not return from AFK when talking in that channel.
  • Go to discord m in a web browser. Or, if you have the Discord software installed on your PC or Mac, you can open that instead. Both the web and desktop versions have the same interface. If youre not logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to log in now. Roles : This permission allows a role to create new roles beneath them, then edit them accordingly.
  • Keep in mind that this role comes 2nd to the Administrator role, and although you can add, edit, and assign new roles to users, you still can t edit your role and roles above yours. Assigning the, moderator, role. Go to the Server Settings screen. If youre still there, you can skip this step.
  • This permission also lets users with that role assign any permission to roles underneath them in the hierarchy, though they still can't affect their role and any above them in the hierarchy. . Info uptime Get bot uptime uptime. 3, select a server. Role remove user role role toggle Toggle a user from a role or roles. (Limit 100) purge match text number purge not Delete messages not containing text.
  • Assigning "Manage Channels" to @everyone will automatically grant that permission to all other roles created. . Slots define Define a word. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Features, moderation, moderation with mod logs, timed mutes and bans. Customs customs list List custom commands customs customs list customs show Show a custom command customs customs show command customs enable Enable a custom command customs customs enable command customs disable Disable a custom command customs customs disable command clearwarn.


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Ignoreuser user reason listmods List moderators listmods purge Delete a discord Moderator Role number of messages from a channel. Queue saved nowplaying Show the currently playing song. Queue remove number queue clear Clears the entire music queue (Irreversable). First, denies the @everyone role the "read messages" permission to this new channel, making it inaccessible and invisible to them. Its at the top next to the plus symbol. 8, type a name for the role into the Role Name box. (Limit 100) purge invites number purge images Delete a number of images in the channel. Role add user role role remove Remove a user from a role or roles. You need to make changes to the role once you made. Announce everyone channel message announce here, send an announcement with @here.
Servers appear as icons along the left side of discord Moderator Role the screen. Dynoav randomcolor Generates a random hex color with preview. When you assign someone to this role, theyll automatically be granted the permissions you select. Whois user mention distance Get the distance between two sets of coordinates distance coords coords membercount Get the server member count. Tap Text Permissions to set up text chat permissions.

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