Cod Advanced Warfare Elite Weapons

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cod Advanced Warfare Elite Weapons

-1). Hole Puncher damage 2, Accuracy -1, Handling -1) Head Shot (Range 2, Fire Rate -2) Red Eye Coyote (Accuracy 1, Range 1, Fire Rate -1) Tactical (Range 1, Handling -1) Superlite ( Fire Rate 1, Mobility -1) Adapter (Handling. Advanced Warfare features a variety of different multiplayer weapons, ranging from simple assault rifles to powerful plasma-rifles, which can be customized with different attachments. Scout Enlisted (Mobility 1, Fire Rate -1). Single Stack Enlisted (Fire Rate 1, Damage -1). Damnation (Accuracy 2, Range 1, Damage -1, Fire Rate -1, Handling -1). Extended Enlisted (Range 1, Damage -1). SAC3, pain Suffering Elite (Accuracy 3, Damage -2, Range -1).
cod Advanced Warfare Elite Weapons
  1. Elite Weapons of Advanced Warfare - Activision Community
  2. Fire Brimstone Professional (Damage 2, Fire Rate -2). Devourer Marksman (300 kills) (Range 2, Fire Rate -2). Bleeder damage 2, Fire Rate -2 grenadier (Integrated Grenade Launcher, Handling 1, Ghosts style rear iron sight, alternate front sight).
  3. Use SMGs and shotguns in close quarters combat, heavy weapons and sniper rifles at long range, and custom ARs at close-medium to medium-long. ASM1, strider Elite (Range 2, Damage 1, Accuracy -3). MP11, goliath Elite (Damage 3, Handling -3). Bear Fist (Integrated Red Dot Sight, Handling 2, Accuracy -1, Range -1) Cowboy (Integrated Dual Mags, Accuracy -1) Raider ( Fire Rate 1, Mobility 1, Accuracy -1, Magazine Capacity -4 dogfight Hacked Arcadeprehacks rounds) Superlite (Mobility 1, Fire Rate -1) Competition (Range.
  4. Savior Professional (Integrated Laser Sight, Fire Rate 1, Accuracy -1). Remember that choosing an appropriate weapon class for the map and game mode is the most important variable when building your loadout. Magnitude Marksman (300 kills) (Range 2, Handling -1, Mobility -1). Precision Enlisted (Range 1, Mobility -1). Inferno (Handling 2, Fire Rate 1, Mobility -3 marksman (Integrated acog Scope, Accuracy 1, Fire Rate -1).308 (Range 2, Accuracy -1, Handling -1).
  5. Feeder (Magazine Capacity 3 rounds, Reserve Magazines 1, Handling -2). Airborne Enlisted (Accuracy 1, Handling -1). You can unlock one extra attachment slot for both weapons by using the "Gunfighter" Wildcards.
cod Advanced Warfare Elite Weapons


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Havoc DLC Early Weapon Access Trailer. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare s Multiplayer features a total of 34 Weapons. These weapons fall under eight different weapon classes. The weapon will fall under the primary or secondary weapon slot. Here is a list of every weapon variant currently in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This will be updated as more are discovered or added to the game.

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