Ak 12 Battlefield 4 Mods

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ak 12 Battlefield 4 Mods

by TrophiHunter 1,140. AK - 12 is an Assault rifle featured. AK - 12 is used by the Russian Ground Forces as its standard assault rifle. It can be found in Baku and Tashgar off of dead Russian soldiers. Battlefield 4 AK-12 with BF:BC2 Hand Rig Counter-Strike AK-12 is Revived video - Battlefield 4 Revisited mod for GToney Drop Modded Lobby free Invites Xbox 360/Xbox Head Soccer.5.1 Apk - Download Android Apps Games Battlefield 4 AK-12 with BF:BC2 Hand Rig Counter-Strike It comes equipped with a PKA-S, Magnifier, Heavy Barrel, and Folding Grip, as well as sporting erdl Woodland paint. Mod, created by TrophiHunter Model/Stock Textures by Dice Install Instructions:. Have OpenIV installed and navigate to this specific location. Place both files in there. All set the mod will work however dont use any optic attachments as it will float Hope you Enjoy this mod, do not Re upload this mod, to any other site. A Counter-Strike.6 (CS1.6) Skin. ak 12 Battlefield 4 Mods


Mod in the, aK -47 category, by Mohammed_Furqon, battlefield 4 AK - 12 with BF:BC2 Hand Rig Counter-Strike.6 Skin. Mods Signup Already a member? Bumped the Burst Firerate up to 1200 RPM Included on-spawn reload for much more realism Ammo upgraded to 40 Bullets This release is a prototype, and is susceptable to change.

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